It tells me I have to register to view posts! It has blocked all my VPS IPs. From random places:

  • Turkey
  • India
  • Germany
  • That Asian country that is very ‘western’, I have forgotten its name

So what’s the reason? Is this because of scraping? Seems random. If the IP is from India, we could say, well, they don’t want scammers. Turkey, not sure. But Germany?

I know datacenters have an IP range, and they could ban all IPs from all datacenters. But why?

And the issue is, when you register, and post, you suddenly find yourself shadow-banned! I did not even made a bad post or anything.

Where do I get a quality IP that Reddit has not blocked?

  • EbbyA
    2 months ago

    I think you meant blacklisting

    I tried to say reddit probably blacklisted all data centers than went back and added whitelists for those with contracts.

    Yeah, it sucks. Time to get back to the roots of what made the internet great in the first place; people who want to be here vs financial motivation.